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8th Int'l Conference on Numerical Methods in Fluid Dynamics by Krause E. (ed.)

By Krause E. (ed.)

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It attempts to return a value of x where f ( x ) is minimum in the interval x 1 < x < x 2 . The string f contains the name of the function to be mini- mized. Note: MATLAB does not have a function to maximize a function of one variable, that is, there is no such function as fmax(f,x1,x2) MATLAB; but since a maximum of f ( x ) is equal to a minimum of – f ( x ) , we can use fmin(f,x1,x2) to find both minimum and maximum values of a function. fplot(fcn,lims) plots the function specified by the string fcn between the x -axis limits specified by lims = [xmin xmax].

The Chart menu appears in two places, on the main taskbar and below it in a box where next to it is another small box with the hand icon. Note: The Chart menu appears on the main taskbar and on the box below it, only when the graph box is selected, that is, when it is enclosed in black square handles. From the Chart menu box (below the main taskbar), we select Value (X) axis, and we click on the small box next to it (the box with the hand icon). 5 We click on the Number tab, we select Number from the Category column, and we type 0 in the Decimal places box.

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