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A critique of Common Lisp by Brooks R.A.

By Brooks R.A.

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So, if you don’t need to change your list, it’s generally better to use a tuple. Tuples can contain many things you may not want to change. These constants in your program may be; music, a sequence of sound files, a sequence of images, etc. You can assign an individual item to a variable or you could assign a group of items in a sequence to a tuple. Tuples can also be nested, (placed), inside of other tuples; called up as functions; and can hold any data type. For some applications, tuples are used much more often than lists.

Tuples Let’s talk tuples! A tuple is like a list but can’t be edited or changed in its original form. We generally use parenthesis, ( ), rather than brackets, [ ], to tell Python we are defining a tuple. This is a tuple: Family3=(‘a guy’, ‘dog’, ‘cat’) This is a list: Family3=[‘a guy’, ‘dog’, ‘cat’] Tuples are not easily changed so why would we use them? A program can run a tuple with more efficiency than a list. Unless the program is very small, tuples are faster. So, if you don’t need to change your list, it’s generally better to use a tuple.

When you have explored these ideas enough to code some of your own simple programs, continue to collect and practice more Python learning materials and source code. After you have the basics of Python, the best way to become a programmer is to dissect existing open source programs in your areas of interest. Books and materials 47 are important, but no book can teach you as fast or as well as if you are doing it. Start a programming library of books, learning materials, modules, programs, and code.

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