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A Mad Catastrophe: The Outbreak of World War I and the by Geoffrey Wawro

By Geoffrey Wawro

The Austro-Hungarian military that marched east and south to confront the Russians and Serbs within the establishing campaigns of global battle I had an excellent earlier yet a pitiful current. conversing a mystifying array of languages and lugging superseded guns, the Austrian troops have been hopelessly unprepared for the industrialized battle that may almost immediately devour Europe.

As prizewinning historian Geoffrey Wawro explains in A Mad Catastrophe, the doomed Austrian conscripts have been an unlucky microcosm of the Austro-Hungarian Empire itself—both both ripe for destruction. After the assassination of the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand in June 1914, Germany goaded the Empire right into a struggle with Russia and Serbia. With the Germans massing their forces within the west to have interaction the French and the British, everything—the process the battle and the destiny of empires and alliances from Constantinople to London—hinged at the Habsburgs’ skill to overwhelm Serbia and continue the Russians at bay. in spite of the fact that, Austria-Hungary have been rotting from inside of for years, hollowed out through repression, cynicism, and corruption on the maximum degrees. Commanded by means of a loss of life emperor, Franz Joseph I, and a querulous big name basic, Conrad von Hötzendorf, the Austro-Hungarians controlled to bungle every thing: their ultimatum to the Serbs, their declarations of warfare, their mobilization, and the pivotal battles in Galicia and Serbia. through the top of 1914, the Habsburg military lay in ruins and the result of the warfare appeared all yet made up our minds.

Drawing on deep archival study, Wawro charts the decline of the Empire sooner than the struggle and reconstructs the nice battles within the east and the Balkans in exciting and tragic element. A Mad Catastrophe is a riveting account of a missed face of global struggle I, revealing how a once-mighty empire collapsed within the trenches of Serbia and the jap entrance, altering the process eu heritage.

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