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Adobe Dreamweaver CS3: Webseiten entwickeln mit (X)HTML, by Richard Beer

By Richard Beer

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If no variable is provided and no conversions occur, an empty string will be returned. All of the remaining chapter will deal primarily with the string command. The various options will address most of our needs where strings occur. The string command is passed to the interpreter as follows: string option argument argument… The string command performs one or more operations, based on the option keyword or the words provided. The arguments will contain the required input and output for the specific option used.

Format Format a string in the same manner as C sprint. regexp Regular expression matching. regsub Performs substitution, based on Regular expression matching. 40 Chapter 4 Command scan Description subst Perform backslash, command, and variable substitution on a string. Parses a string using conversion specifiers in the same manner as C sscanf. Using the commands listed in the table, a developer can address all their needs as applies to strings. In the following sections, we will explore these commands as well as many subsets of the string command.

Xdigit Any hexadecimal digit character ([0-9A-Fa-f]). How to do it… As you can see care has been taken to provide a full listing of the various classes of strings to cover all situations. In the following example we will determine if a string is a member of the digit class. Return values from the commands are provided for clarity.

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