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Algebraic K-theory, number theory, geometry, and analysis: by A. Bak

By A. Bak

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The Penguin dictionary of curious and interesting geometry

A spouse quantity to the author's "Dictionary of Curious and engaging Numbers", which specializes in mathematics and quantity concept. The entries during this e-book conceal curves, topology, tilings and all branches of airplane and 3-dimensional geometry, from Euclid to fractals.

Coniques projectives, affines et métriques : Cours et exercices

    Les coniques ont, depuis toujours, fasciné les amateurs de technological know-how, au sens le plus huge. Il faut dire qu’elles sont présentes dans les events les plus diverses. Mais cette fascination s’exerce encore aujourd’hui sur les mathématiciens, et même sur les géomètres les plus chevronnés. Une des raisons en est sans doute l’extraordinaire variété des approches possibles pour appréhender ces objets.

The Hilton Symposium, 1993: Topics in Topology and Group Theory (Crm Proceedings and Lecture Notes)

This quantity provides a cross-section of recent advancements in algebraic topology. the most component contains survey articles appropriate for complex graduate scholars and pros pursuing learn during this region. an outstanding number of subject matters are coated, lots of that are of curiosity to researchers operating in different parts of arithmetic.

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The larger the difference between the dielectric constants or permittivities of the media, the more that light refracts. 1 Experimental verification of Snell’s law To illustrate this point, consider a hemisphere of glass. 3. The angle of incidence (I) can be measured at the point of incidence relative to the normal of the surface. Since the light is passing from a medium in which it travels fast into one in which it travels more slowly, this ray will refract, bending towards the normal at angle I0 .

10. Note that rotation is an inversion and a reversion with no handedness change. For the inverted case, the image is flipped (odd) about the x–z plane, resulting in an odd image. The reverted image is flipped (odd) about the y–z plane, and also results in an odd-handed image. For the case of the rotated image (even), it is effectively inverted and reverted to provide rotation. 6 Plane parallel plate (PPP) and reduced thickness The plane parallel plate (PPP) is the simplest optical element, and yet it produces a couple of interesting optical effects.

The light from an object passes through a small aperture along a ray, to form an image on a surface. This image may either be projected onto a translucent screen for viewing through the camera, or onto an opaque surface for viewing in reflection. Pinhole cameras require much longer exposure times than conventional cameras because the aperture, which must be tiny in order to produce a reasonably clear image, is much smaller in diameter than a typical lens, and collects much less radiant power. It is thought that Renaissance artists used pinhole cameras to assist with their painting.

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